Your Task

Do you have creative ideas or would you like to have a solution yourself for the creation of the new MACE in Innsbruck? Then, you have reached the right position to shape the future of this new lifestyle.

If you are already sparking to show your creative ideas, let us know and take part in our crowdsourcing contest!

The next step is to gather as many ideas as possible. The ideas which are handed in the contest are going to be evaluated to assess their potential of implementation.

The best ideas will be rewarded.


To complete your idea, we kindly ask you to provide us with the following:

  • Please hand in an appealing cover image,
  • think of a meaningful and expressive title,
  • create a powerful tagline,
  • provide us with a description of the proposal,
  • and let us know which target group you are addressing.


You may optionally also add the following:

  • A gallery to support the idea.
  • Other attachments that you feel are important.