The boundaries defining work, leisure and learning are blurring more than ever before. We are facing megatrends like Hoffice and Workcation. A mixture of home and office, or in short: Hoffice! Workcation – a concept that softens the boundaries between the opposing spheres of job and holiday. It offers many new opportunities to work where others spend their vacations. Let’s all together design a new trend. MACE – Modern All-In-one Collaborative Environment.

What do you need to combine the work life with the good life? We will tap into the crowd for the design, the look and functionality how we socialize, work and live. Together with us, you will create the new modern, all-in-one collaborative Environment – MACE.


More precisely we will invite you to think about three different dimensions:


  • Collaborative public spaces
  • Fully furnished suites and rooms
  • Supporting services for your lifestyle


Inspirational questions for the three dimensions:


  1. Collaborative public spaces

MACE shall enable you to network. How do you see your perfect collaborative public space, which allows you to be as productive and engaging as possible? Do you think of meeting rooms and offices that allow you to work from home? Or do you envision a collaborative space which allows you to network and where you can make new friends . Let us know what it takes to work collaboratively and productively?


    2. Fully furnished suites and rooms

Isn’t everyone looking forward to their comfortable home, after a full day of work. Wouldn’t a fully furnished guest suite be the perfect way to recharge. How would you design MACE? Perhaps you prefer a shared living space or a private retreat. Here you can recharge and start the next day with full energy. What would your perfect home look like?


    3. Supporting services for your lifestyle

Besides that, you should have the luxury of receiving additional services that combine the feeling of a hotel and your home. Is it a laundry service, a restaurant that offers everything you could wish for or a gym, where you can test your limits? Or do you rather think of a bar which allows you to socialise. A spa to relax while getting a massage, a hairdresser which could be found right next to your room, a concierge, room services, children shelter, the opportunities are unlimited. Which services do you add to support your new lifestyle?



MACE provides a great foundation for community building and promotes benefits for your professional and private life. The intersection to bring together, good design and community spirit.


We invite you to design Innsbruck’s first new MACE – a space to call home for the modern day local, young professional, business traveller and everyone with an open mind to rest, work, and network in Innsbruck.

What kind of features and services within the three dimensions do you think of when we talk about MACE?

We, master students of the University of Innsbruck, want to create the modern all-in-one collaborative environment, together with you! If you feel uplifted by this concept be part of the creation process. Creative minds in conjunction with the Hyve crowd give rise to even better ideas to shape the desired MACE.


This contest is for everyone from millennials to the silver aged and especially people who are bubbling with ideas. No matter who you are, we are interested in your ideas. Through different perspectives, we can collect various ideas. Diversity is the key to success when it comes to creative ideas. Don’t be shy and join our crowd!


Evaluation Criteria


The jury and coaches evaluate the ideas based on the following criteria:


1. Creativity

2. Market attractiveness

3. Sustainability

4. Degree of elaboration

5. Feasibility




Start: 12th May 2021

End: 20th June 2021